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I'm sure this has been brought up by others, but why does KIXEYE insist upon a "Use it or Lose it" system with regard to XP. At the end of most events I have some odd amount of unused or un-spendable XP. Why doesn't KIXEYE allow us to bank XP like Resources or Thorium? Perhaps a player wants an event "prize" but is incapable of earning the 1.5 million XP required to get it. Why not allow them to bank that XP over a series of events until they have enough XP saved to purchase that item? Would it somehow unbalance the game in a way I am not seeing? 
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    id assume because that means high levels dont actually need to do more than every 4th event then since a faction is always easiest in their first event and are easier to farm a ton out of then
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