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We all know base parts are a decent resource in the game, and save time on excessively long builds, but now, I would like to propose a currency that works the same way: ship parts.  Here's my proposed backstory...
Captain Zoe, eager as ever to be a thorn in Captain Harlock's side, has amassed a supersized army of fleets to display her lust.  Admiral Brennus catches wind of this and sets sail to see what she is up to.  Brennus and his subordinates find out Captain Zoe has been mining ship parts from sunken Draconian and Scourge fleets.

Now for the gameplay part: it is up to you to launch Skirmish fleets and take down those who interfere with the goal of Forsaken conquest of the seas.  The (proposed) targets I believe should be:
Level 36 with 20K ship parts
Level 49 with 45K ship parts
Level 61 with 70K ship parts
Level 84 with 95K ship parts
Level 107 with 120K ship parts
As far as capacity goes, here's how I think that should work:
Level 1 warehouse: 10K ship parts
Level 2 warehouse: 15K ship parts
Level 3 warehouse: 30K ship parts
Level 4 warehouse: 50K ship parts
Level 5 warehouse: 90K ship parts
Level 6 and above: 125K ship parts
Other miscellaneous information: Like base parts, 1 ship part would reduce a build time by 1 second, cannot be looted, and are non-refundable. Some differences would be if you are using the regular shipyard, using ship parts would be optional, as opposed to automatic like base parts. With the Conquest yard, ship parts would be used automatically.
That about sums it up.  Do you like this idea, dislike it, would you make changes?  Feel free to sound off below.
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