Minor Nuisance
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new crews and base level to crew level matching...tired of rolling for crews at 800 a pop and getting a basic useless crew..rolled 25 times and never got a crew that helps with what i need.....camps....when doing the base attack camp for chest, a list of fleets for players to pick from in order to test base since ally cant attack each other and help better bases....the harder/stronger the attack fleet the better chest offered......raids pilage and any event, more ship build tokens to be used for any ship build  have 20 carnage ship build tokens i will never use, when building stuff, have buildings and turrets on different build times, game getting boring waiting for one thing to build for 11 days (mountains) while we could be building a building and upgrading a third building at same time....docks  auto repair of all fleets in order to have fleets to play with when we log back on to game....
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