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PvP  Season 21 Overview


Summer is here and the heat is on in PvP Season 21. Get stocked up on Medals and Blood Thorium to upgrade those Legendary units and Heroes.

Start: May 14th 12:00 PM PDT 

End: July 8th 11:00 AM PDT


Infamy Drip

Earn Infamy in between attacks. A percentage of a player’s Infamy is dripped back to them, only when they are unbubbled and their base is active. The more Infamy a player has, the more that will drip back.


Alliance PVP

Alliances compete in three different classes based on Alliance size. Please note that we have made a change so that your Alliance will only appear in one of the three classes below, based on the highest prize your Alliance would receive. This only occurs when your Alliance is within the top 3 of one of the classes. If your Alliance is not within the top 3, it will still appear on all three Leaderboards.

  • Class A

    • Total Infamy contribution of all members

  • Class B

    • Total Infamy contribution of top 100 members

  • Class C

    • Total Infamy contribution of top 50 members

Payout Tables

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