Tier 9 - Altairian Umbra and Pharmakon War Concludes plus new Faction

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Wrath of Ordis
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So, with the start of Tier 9, I am thinking the first half is the war reaching a stalemate and then Tier 9.5 introduces the faction that puts an end to this war once and for all. The first Hulls for each faction would be a Destroyer: Ghostwing (Altairian) - this ship is a Deltawing in shape but with an almost invisible secondary wing rotating around the primary wing. Ambrosia (Umbra) - This ship has a starfish shape at the back (where the 5 weapons are fired from), with a beefed-up Medusa shape at the front. Krysis (Pharmakon) - this ship is akin to a swordfish with a thin nose at the front and a beefy body supporting it.

All destroyers start of with 4 weapon slots, an armor slot, 2 special slots and 2 ablative / shield / mesh slots and 2 Zenith slots, and once Mk5 / MkE they will have 5 weapon slots, a 2nd armor slot and a 3rd ablative / shield / mesh slot.

All Tier 9 ships will be able to equip the "Zenith Warhead" - think of it as a Myr or Zealot but only in Alien, Blight, Plasma and Lightning (new elemental damage for the new faction) forms. These triangular shaped warhead have a shaft connected to a propeler at the back, and disconnects when destroyed forming a cloud of their respective element type. The "Zenith Warhead" will be called "Zenith Torpedo" when its available for bases. The Zenith is 50% blue and 50% green for  their alien element type, and similar for the other versions e.g. 50% red and 50% black for blight element  - the higher the level, the more of the element color is shown, 50% at 1, 60% at 2, 75% at 3 and 90% at 4. The level 4 is fragment only but can get blueprint for previous levels.

The Destroyers will have 16,000 health, Cruisers 27,000 health, Battleships 15,500 health and Carriers 24,750 health as their base stats. This doesn't include the new dreadnaughts that will be coming too.

The new faction is the Gorska faction - an experiment that has escaped the Altairian, Umbra and Pharmakon labs. It is a Turtle-Crab humanoid hybrid lead by Warchief Gorsk Gorok. The faction specilizes in the new lightning element - a dark blue cloud with light blue bolts of lightning streaking across (similar to Blight clouds in some battles). Their hulls will automatically have a 50% resistance to lightning damage, similar to how Altairian hulls have 50% alien resistance, Pharmakon hulls have 50% plasma resistance and Umbra hulls have 50% blight resistance. The first ship for this faction is the Kromska Destroyer.

The start of Tier 9 kicks off with the event "Prelude to War" in which you can retrieve the Zenith Warhead blueprints (whilst rescuing the captured Gorskans to spend on getting these blueprints). This then follows up with a choice as you can only get 1 of the 3 destroyer ships in the next event - you choose between fighting Altairian, Umbra and Pharmakon - when event starts, you'd be told which faction you'd like to attack. Depending on which faction you choose, you'd have the event "Triple Threat (Altairian)", "Triple Threat (Umbra)" or "Triple Threat (Pharmakon)". When event comes round again, you can just get the other blueprints from the factions you didn't choose.

After this, things calm down a little as each faction unveils their new battleships in the events "Infiltration", "Exhilation" and "Obliteration" events over the following months. These events introduces you to the Citadel base, which is surrounded by 4 outposts. Attack the Citadel in a single hit or it fully repairs if you trying to prep it. The outposts can be prepped as you wish. There are 5 Citadels and Outpost types being introduced over the months, the first is "[Faction] Citadel (110)" and "[Faction] Outpost (100)" and later down the line there's "[Faction] Grand Citadel (150)" and "[Faction] Grand Outpost (135).

For the first time in Vega Conflict - escorting event fleets. There will be Gorskan fleets that you can escort and then be attacked by the same level fleet from the sectors faction e.g. in Altairian sector, escorting a Gorskan fleet will make the Altairians attack you etc. For example, escorting Gorskan Scout (105) means an Altairian Infiltrator (105) will also attack. Killing the Infiltrator fleet will reward you with resources and event intel, failing to kill the infiltrator and the Gorskan fleet is dead.

The tier ends when the Altairians, Umbra and Pharmakon surrenders during the event "Gorskan Freedom", but Tier 10 follows after with a bitter enemy of the Gorskans.

You maybe thinking, what are the new weapons etc going to be?

Well... Wallacha Shield (shield slot), Wallacha Carapace (armor slot) and Wallacha Glider (special slot (engine)) will be the new defences for the Gorskan ships. There will be 10 new weapons being introduced, with first 3 being lightning specific (that can be equipted for all Tier 9 faction hulls) - Azer (lightning based explosive weapon), Azov (lighting based projectile weapon) and Limov (lightning based energy weapon). The other 7 however will be class restricted weapons e.g. 2 are battleship only weapons etc.

Any new commanders? Yeah.
Xerxes (Umbra), Leron (Altairian), Carmelia (Pharmakon) and Grok Gron (Gorskan) will be the new commanders at the start - their primary stats are similar to each other: [Primary Stats]
Level 1: - / + Range 800 (e.g. a 3000 to 9000 weapon would be 2200 to 9800), Ship speed +100m/s (carrier / dreadnaught only), health +1,500.
Level 100: - / + Range 2000 (e.g. a 3000 to 9000 weapon would be 1000 to 10000 (unless no ultimate max range), Ship speed +250m/s (carrier / dreadnaught only), health +6,750.

[Secondary Stats - need 3 or more faction specific hulls]
Level 1: +10% resistance [e.g. plasma resistance on Umbra hulls], +20% fire rate.
Level 100: +25% resistance [e.g. blight resistance on Altairian hulls], +60% fire rate.
(there maybe be a higher commander level being added for this tiers commanders).

These stats may change if they're finally introduced, the first 4 commanders have similar primary stats (like the example), and their secondary stats are what makes them better or worse than each other.
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