Why not have a legendary unit event

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Since we seem to now have a Unique showdown/event about every 3 months, why don't you add one for all legendary units with chances to earn the blood thor tokens. I don't think the original 3 you had are being used and this would give us a chance once a quarter to do these units and make them stronger. Since May is the hero showdown,  then you could do invasion another quarter, and then the legendary the 3rd quarter. Repeat this and you get them each 4 times a year. I have seen people do nothing but complain about the hero showdown, but for me I like it. Yeah there will be glitches, but like everything else they could be worked out. This is just a food for thought and I hope you give it some consideration. Thanks
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    I wouldnt mind having an LU event thats not Warpath where we could get their tokens, and tech and units.
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