suggestions for the game.

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i have a few suggestions: 1) a new tac mod that lets you place structures on the water similiar to a turret using a transformer to go on the water, it could be researchable or given as a prize in an event. 2) alliance owned draconian subsector base, basically 1 special base per sector that an alliance can take control over and use resources such as oil, zynthium, metal, wind, uranium, titanium to build turrets inside the base at certain areas, they could be allowed to have 3 fleets from any member of thier alliance ( 1 fleet per person of the 3 total fleets in the base guarding ) to take control of the base from an alliance there would be up to 5 fleets of any other alliance that would enter the base and try to take it over, if the enemy takes over the base they have a period of 7 days before it is attackable again by any other alliance for the taking (the base can be hit numerous times by any alliance until it is taken over wich starts the 7 day grace period before anyone can take it over again. while they are in control of the draconian base they get a generous boost of +20% resource such as titanium, uranium and base parts from normal targets for those special resources upon beating them ( does not count for other draconian bases ). resources would be donated by any member to the alliance bank ( only works with these targets and alliance leader and co-founders can build turrets within the base ). the base would have a main artillery gun that would work much like the old scourge base part targets and fire at long range in defence of the base when hit by an alliance ( artilery gun per base ). an alliance can only take over 1 draconian base at any given time so they literally cannot control more than 1. for an attacker to leave combat they would need to wait 15 seconds from the last time they where hit by a projectile. 3) a store that sells skins for coins, they could be skins for ships, buildings, mountains, land tiles, megaships ect. 
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