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CM Jackson
CM Jackson
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To get a better understanding of the feedback around the new Omni Blade Trigger, we sent out 6x Omni Blade Triggers to allow players an opportunity to try them out! Please give them a shot, and then rate the following statement 1 - 5:

"I am satisfied with how the Omni Blade trigger ability performs in battle."

After voting, please also share any specific thoughts or comments below, and thank you for your time!

Share Your Thoughts About the Omni Blade! 42 votes

Strongly Disagree
59% 25 votes
11% 5 votes
11% 5 votes
7% 3 votes
Strongly Agree
9% 4 votes
  • fatcoiner
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    Please note i have not tried them yet. But on paper im sure my points are valid.

    The main problem with omni blade is we are cheated out of half of its dps, because half of its cycle is firing backwards, the exact oposite of where enemies will be. Kix said that maybe itll work if you have enemies surrounding you, well that point is completely invalid, and shows kixeye have a complete misunderstanding of how t8 is played out. T8 ships, and i mean all of them, have absolutely no issues of ships being behind them. Every t8 ship turns at rapid speeds. The way this weapon fires shows kix not only do not play their own game, but also that they either dont remember how they code their ships, or completely disregard it. Omni blade had the potential to be the best trigger, because despite its low dps, its long cycle can make it reach almost 100k raw damage. I made a post about this before, and my points stand. All that has to be done is make the entire cycle fire forward.

    As far as the other triggers, theyre considered useless because they simply do not deal that much damage. A positron 3, can deal only 48k damage, because of its relatively low charge time. By simply increasing its charge time to 2 seconds or even 3 seconds, will double or even triple its raw damage.

  • Red Faction
    Red Faction
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    I did not receive!
  • Hard Life
    Hard Life
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    same for me, I did not receive!
  • Exsanguinius
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    Kinda pointless to have shots fire out the rear.  I do have an idea for a trigger though.  Look at the death blossom from the movie The Last Starfighter.
  • Rob Lowe18
    Rob Lowe18
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    I tested omni and my thoughts are it needs a rework. The whole dps thing needs a rework. Mobile players don’t have the time in a battle to hit another to fire the omni when they have 5 other ships to control... Easier [email protected] yes but during a pvp pointless... Support abilities are needed instead like hp revitalisation or shield enhancement or speed buffs. Support is where your triggers need to be. Omni is a 3-10 for me. Good luck.

    Robert Lowe

  • Ben Fuller
    Ben Fuller
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    Do not equip it to a ranger-class hull, it will not fire and you will have wasted the credit.

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  • Ersha66
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    As it is now, most of its dps is wasted or not properly deployed. Wouldnt be better if was reworked in something you spawn next your ship and it hits 360° for 3 or more pulsations? Like it's a spinning katana.
  • Hell Hawks
    Hell Hawks
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    not receive
  • Ben Fuller
    Ben Fuller
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    I relogged and it works. The backwards fire is...unnecessary. No one is going to spin their ship to get full effect of this. And the dps is definitely an issue. I got lucky with 1 pulse, and hit a heretic in an IS 60 fleet. It didnt even kill it. This is useless under manual control, because it is just like omega's beam, useless under manual control. T8 ships are too fast for a straight beam. I really can't believe i stopped an ajax build to equip this to my val. Getting rid of it immediately. I would vote "strongly disagree" again if i could.

    "We have nothing to fear, except fear itself. Now, gentlemen, what shall we do?" -FDR

    "We will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the water, we will fight in the streets and in the fields, we will fight in the air; we will never surrender!" -Winston Churchill
  • koshnaranek
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    for me it looks like only players with tier 8 ships have received the credits. is it wanted like that. this would put the smaller players at a disadvantage (again).
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  • User Not Found
    User Not Found
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    The weapon it’s self is nice, for its disruptive feature but can’t take advantage of it as much when it fires backwards, it will be good it it does burst fire forward only or if you make it like and actual blade and have it do a Shirkin 4 blade spin, until it is reworked better I will then farm for the higher lvls of it and it does have a low dps doesn’t feel like deals much it feels like us

  • LilBasterd
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    To get a better understanding 

     For players to get a better understanding of kixeyes often lack of testing, why does omni blade fire backwards?

    that should of been the first thing addressed. " hey anyone notice how when it fires backwards it hits  nothing ?"  Said no one at kixeye...
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  • Got No Coin
    Got No Coin
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    Never got mine even though you sent me a text to say you did. Or did they simply get put in our inventory?
  • Don't Speak
    Don't Speak
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    Did not receive.
  • GoodmanGroup
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    It went in to the repository and will stay there untill deleted
  • Phillip_Mills6
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    there is two criteria for people to receive these CREDITS

    1. you MUST have T8 ships


    2. you must have logged in in the past 7 days (prior to the announcement)

  • RaptureAkaDino
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    a load of horse crap, just like the other weapons needing ammo and to get ammo you need to farm the fleets and to do it efficiently and fast using coins...……….seen the stats of these omni and others and there all useless easier to stay with the basic crap pile we already have instead of introducing weapons that require to be reloaded(refit back onto ship after 4 uses) why no FOCUS on the whole game and how you can improve its playability and appearance to new players etc that would be far more beneficial than introducing these rubbish weapons???
  • STORM-Emax
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    Trigger weapons were a neat concept, but in classic kixeye fashion.... a dismal failure in implementation.

    So we have LIMITED USE items, with UNDERWHELMING performance, which the player earns through OVERWHELMINGLY DIFFICULT targets requiring the combined efforts of two players using the most elite of ships, and even then there is a chance you may fail or not get prizes (random drop).

    Nobody wants to farm them due to the difficulty of the targets, evidenced by the fact that you had to give them away in order to get some feedback.

    Nobody wants to use them, because they have little to no effect on the outcome of combat.

    Tier 8 has been a whole bunch of failed experiments for VC.  More ship class and faction imbalance, bases rendered even more helpless, stupid weapon refit times, nonsensical gating, new 'elite' commanders who are consistently inferior to the previous elite commanders, an entire season with no new ship specials making for limited build diversity, over-reliance on MK upgrades paired with insane upgrade target difficulty (you basically need the MK upgrades in order to farm the MK upgrades), and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much farming.   The only things working out is the 2 hour flat repair time, and the strength of rangers in farming, (if you are crazy/committed enough to grind out that very difficult chasm between t7 and t8 upgrades).

    Many players flat out quit when T8 started.  I've been watching too many struggle since, and inevitably fall away to find better things to do with their gaming time.  Tier 9, at this rate, is going to be completely pay to play, and outside of the committed / addicted heavy coiners I have no idea how you intend to maintain the game's population moving forward while continuing to widen the divide.
  • StanDaManH1
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    These skill shot weapons need a total rework, they can only be used 4 times and cost us weight, so why even mount them.  Maybe if they were limited to 1 or 2 shots per battle and reloaded afterwards they would get more use and experimenting, but in their current state will never use them again.  Fleet mass is way too important to waste it on limited use weapon that can’t be reused.
  • EQUINOX 600
    EQUINOX 600
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    To be honest it is utterly useless, unless people are sleeping during a battle they are always going to keep the ships primary fire arc toward the target ( hint this is the front of the ship ) so who though it would be a good idea to have half the DPS shot pointlessly out the ships **** into open space ? I used one on a ship and promptly removed it, it takes far to long to charge , its range is a joke , its dps is bad and worse since half of it shoots pointlessly out its but into open space.

    The fact that they cost money to buy and have limited uses and low dps and cost ship mass means i will never use them or any others and i suspect this is why i have never seen anyone else use them,  If they are going to cost money and ship mass then they should not be limited to 4 shots
           Those ships are silly the people would need to be the size of ants to use them.
  • Frankv
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    i say focus on balancing the older tiers. this way if their repair times get a good fixing, the pvp in this game will greatly improve.

    oh i remember farming my **** off for the ragnarok mk 5. now its just sitting there helping t7 and t8 fleets with a glorified speed boost. which the simplest carrier of them all also has.

    i think that when done right the balance of ship tiers and their respective place in the VC uverse is fixed this game can get a whole lot more fun.
    ps: 5 hours repair time for a punisher cruiser..... lol. it doesnt stand a chance in pvp vs the t7 ships. so why bother using them?


    try and fix real problems instead of bringing in new crap which is overrated. this credit is not going to make a difference in 99% of battles
  • CM Jackson
    CM Jackson
    KIXEYE Community Manager
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    Thank you all for sharing your feedback!
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