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Captains, the 10.17 Update is deploying Tuesday, April 21st at ~9:00 PM PDT. 

The update includes support for Bounty 31 and two campaigns: Titan Awakening and Judgment Day. 



Begins: Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3PM PDT

Ends: Monday, April 27th @ 3PM PDT

Bounty 31 includes your first chance to get the new T9 Defender Hull - the Gatekeeper - plus its weapon, the Deadbolt Scattergun. Feelin’ fierce? Bounty is also your chance to earn some incredible new skins for this hull. 

Stay tuned. Full briefing released by end of day Tuesday, April 21st.


Begins: Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3PM PDT

Ends: Wednesday, April 29th @ 3PM PDT

Punish the Legion for their transgressions. Bring your Punisher Mk IIs or Dragoons to earn great prizes including upgrade tokens, limited blueprints, complementary components, VXP tokens, and build tokens (24h) for Mk II. 

  • [Prize Pack 1] High Pressure Piping, Auto Loader IV, 1x Punisher VXP Token (Medium), 1x Punisher build Token (24hr), 20 Punisher upgrade kits

  • [Prize Pack 2] Impulse Launcher D99-F, Punisher MK II Blueprint, 1x Punisher VXP Token (Medium), 1x Punisher build Token (24hr), 20 Punisher upgrade kits 

  • [Prize Pack 3] Atom Absorption System, Insulated Charge Capacitor, 2x Punisher VXP Token (Medium), 1x Punisher Build Token 24h, 40 Punisher Upgrade Kits 

  • [Prize Pack 4 (5x mastery runs)] 40 Punisher Upgrade Kits, 1x Antipode D99-U, 1x Radioactive Syncdrive, 1x Damage Diffusion System, 1x 24H Punisher Build token, 1x 24H Punisher Upgrade Token, 1x Punisher VXP Token (Medium)


Begins: Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3PM PDT

Ends: Wednesday, April 29th @ 3PM PDT

Break out your Eradicator or Shrike fleets for a chance at earning Mega Hull Modules that will help increase the power of your Mega Hulls. 

  • [Prize Pack 1] Kinetic Engine Module LV1; Anti-Cannon Quadcopter Module LV1; 6h Mega Module Build Token x2

  • [Prize Pack 2] Jet Engine Module LV1; Anti-mortar Quadcopter Module LV1; 10,000 Titanium; 6h Mega Module Build Token x4

  • [Prize Pack 3] Goalkeeper Gatling Gun Module LV1; 15,000 Titanium; 6h Mega Module Build Token x4

  • [Mastery Pack x5] Harpoon Missile Launcher Module LV1; 20,000 Titanium; 12h Goalkeeper Gatling Gun Module Upgrade Token x1; 12h Harpoon Missile Launcher Module x1; 1d Mega Module Build Token x1


While we continue to work hard on changes and improvements to HTML5 changes, we have made some major improvements over the past couple of weeks - namely to memory and overall functionality. 

This week, we’re taking the next step toward transitioning. Although we previously defaulted many pirates over to HTML5, if you previously opted-out, you would have remained on Flash.

As of the 10.17 Update, we will be switching everyone over to HTML5 by DEFAULT. Yes, you can still return to Flash manually. But we’re hoping that this means we are one step closer to making the switch full-time. 

Please continue filing bug tickets, and we look forward to taking this next step with you. As always, thank you for playing Battle Pirates. 

Addition: As mentioned, we postponed the release of the Gatekeeper to Bounty. The Rules of Engagement have been postponed until May. Keep an eye out for a post later today with more info on the upcoming PvP changes. 



  • [VISUAL] Fixed issue with missing description text on the Onslaught Engine

  • [GENERAL] General improvements and bug fixes 


  • [VISUAL] Fixed issue where details of the defending fleet display on the base are blurry 

  • [MEMORY] Significant additional memory improvements 

  • [GENERAL] General improvements and bug fixes 

  • [VISUAL] Fixed the land display artifacts in a variety of targets.

For an ongoing list of updates and fixes for HTML5, please CLICK HERE. 


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