How do we upgrade this crap when its 9.000.000 titanium

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just looked at upgrades it takes 9.000.000 titanium to do one WH, the max on Titanium we can have is 500.000 has kixeye screwed the players over again, The max at hitting target is 30.000 how are we going to get that much titanium. i guess we don't
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    Did you not see the blurb at the top of the screen when you clicked 'play'?

    If not, I'll help you..

    Upgrades for the Defense Platform, Warehouse, Radio Tower, and Great Hall were not intended to be available to players yet, and are currently intentionally gated behind an unobtainable titanium cost. More information to follow.

    I hope that helps answer your question?
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    The upgrades are not supposed to be in the game currently, however it was not caught right away and some players were able to start on some of the upgrades. The titanium cost was set impossibly high because it is a resource that you cannot use gold to obtain more of which prevents new players from starting upgrades. And to ensure no player has an advantage or disadvantage because of the situation all of the upgraded stats have been reset to match the previous upgrade level. So a lvl 11 turret has the same stats as a lvl 10 turret.

    The team is reviewing the situation and determining what corrective steps to take and how to compensate affected players as necessary.

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