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Potential Threat
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To whom it may concern, 

As this is the place to voice our opinions on feedback and not through support. I might as well ask and therefore give players more of an opportunity to agree or disagree with what I am going to suggest. I appreciate the daily gifts that we are receiving (fleet repair tokens). As it may seem that there may be a good portion of players that are staying home, working from home during this pandemic that has struck the world, livelihoods of many people. I would like to suggest that docks be switched back to full health once it is destroyed in a base hit. If you're expecting that players will have more time now to sit in-front of the computer screen, you might as well give them a chance to have a clear mind that their dock isn't in repair for 1-2 hours. 

For myself being an essential worker and possibly like many others, it's tough to even grasp the concept of logging on to complete a little bit of chores, or events, (TLC's, Pillage, etc.) The two runs of the Punisher MK II was a thoughtful idea. Would it be too much to ask that starting today (4/7/2020 @ 3:00PM PST) it be restarted for 24 hours? The criticism will be you had your chance. That's is understandable. I should have had the time, I'm in the wrong for asking a simple restart of a TLC i know many others could use to help them along in this weeks raid. (The last one for the cycle).  

Thank you for taking the time and reading through my suggestions.
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