What's next?

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How smart is it to release an Outpost upgrade shortly before a raid, that takes 3 weeks to do mind you, that's required for the new dock level, which is actually required for the raid fleet? How smart are you guys to keep chasing away your players? You keep losing players each month because you all keep pushing crap down our throats at a speed that only heavy coiners or hackers can keep up with you. Seriously? From a business perspective, y'all have lost your minds......

You would actually get more money and coins from people when they are actually worth spending. However, you're making it so that people have STOPPED COINING. You guys need to take a step back, use the brain you got in your head, and start making some smarter decisions. You all are killing this game, and it used to be a lot of fun. People used to coin more, but then you all got greedy and figured if things cost more, then people would spend more. WRONG!!! When you kept driving things up, you lost money, so you drove them up more to try and make up for that instead of cutting back where people would start spending again. It's basic math and economics, not rocket science. STOP RUINING THE GAME!!!!
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