Speed up the worker?

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Is there any way or any building upgrade, other than using gold, that can speed up the worker a little bit? My only problem with this game, is that you play for a few minutes, then have to wait for hours or days. Some upgrades take six days?  Come on!
  • Alan006
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    Kixeye did reduce some of the building times awhile back.. But other than gold, or an illegal way, not really.. 
  • mylesJr
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    i do remember 8 years ago, there was the option to buy a 2nd  worker or more, what ever happened to that?
  • Adel-Tech
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    whenever a new CC upgrade comes in the lvls of the previous cc lvl are reduced by a good amount, gen 2 buildings also have much lower upgrade times then our standard buildings so there is a fair bit of reductions in upgrade times on buildings

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  • Richard Cheeseman
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    a 2nd worker would be good with the amount of stuff they keep  bringing out to upgrade.. esp when not all people can afford to spend loads on gold all the time
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