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Captains, the 10.07 Update is deploying Tuesday, February 11th at ~7:00 PM PST. 

The update includes support for February Raid: Dark Matter and the Strike From Down Under campaign. 

This update also features the next step forward for HTML5, and a massive giveaway. Read on for details!



Pirates, we’ve made some huge improvements with HTML5 Beta, and this week we’re taking a giant leap forward. Keep an eye out for a message in-game that will tell you when HTML5 has become the default mode in-game. 

Don’t worry - we aren’t disabling Flash just yet. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, you can opt-out of HTML5 by clicking the “Enable Flash” button at the top of the game. But we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t yet taken HTML5 for a spin, this is the perfect time. And as always, we appreciate your feedback for ongoing improvements. 

That isn’t even the best part. 

Are you ready? 

(No, really. Are you ready?) 

To celebrate this HTML5 milestone, starting midday Wednesday ALL pirates will receive a free fully-built, fully-ranked Riot fleet plus Raging Riot flagship. Just in time to smash some S targets in the February Raid: Dark Matter. Plus, we are upgrading your dock (if needed) so you can make use of this awesome gift. This is one of the biggest gifts in Battle Pirates’ history. 

This is a major technical achievement for Battle Pirates and for our whole pirate community, and we want everyone to enjoy the benefits. We know people occasionally leave the game due to technical or performance reasons, so we are also offering a heap of goodies and upgrades to help lapsed users get caught up. 

Know a friend that left Battle Pirates due to performance issues? They may have a ton of free gifts waiting for them. We're relying on your word of mouth to help us out, so please - TELL YOUR FRIENDS. No pirate should be left behind.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible game. Log in to grab your booty before Monday, February 17th. (And yes, CM Ghillie thinks she’s very funny.) 

Hell. Yes. Riots.


Begins: Wednesday, February 11th @ 3PM PST

Ends: Tuesday, February 18th @ 3PM PST

February Raid: Dark Matter includes two new S targets, one new Skirmish X target, and familiar A, B and C targets. Strap in and enjoy the ride. 

Dark Matter is also your first opportunity to get your hooks into the new Impulse D99-F Draconian weapon, Atom Absorption System ship special, and the Punisher Mk II - all the power of the original Punisher reforged to dominate the seas. Don’t miss out.

Stay tuned for more information in the briefing on February 11th. 


Begins: Wednesday, February 12th @ 3:00PM PST

Ends: Wednesday, February 19th @ 3:00PM PST

Use your Eradicator or Shrike fleets to take on this campaign and earn hull upgrade materials for the Lurker!

  • [Prize Pack 1] Lurker Hull Upgrade Kit x10; 1d Lurker Hull Upgrade Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 2] Lurker Hull Upgrade Kit x30; 1d Lurker Hull Upgrade Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 3] Lurker Hull Upgrade Kit x40; 1d Lurker Hull Upgrade Token x1

  • [Mastery Pack x3] Lurker Hull Upgrade Kit x40; 1d Lurker Hull Upgrade Token x1


  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements  


  • [General] Fixed performance issues when scrolling through offers

  • [General] Fixed issue where the game froze when opening the Raid modal

  • [Graphics] Fixed issue where fullscreen option did not change view

  • [Graphics] Fixed a variety of graphic discrepancies between Flash and HTML5

  • [General] Various performance enhancements

For an ongoing list of updates and fixes for HTML5, please CLICK HERE. 


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