How about some up & up

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Hi guys ,i feel like in these t8 days kix got to make some changes for us ,like new ways for us ,new things to blow up !
In my mind its something like this: first we need some new campaings ( with every T+ as the T8 is out every account should get 3 t7 fleets, one of every faction) ,second ,i got to learn some god dammed english :smiley: ,i think alliances should go up to 270 members so after this the alliance could buy the planet ( some planet donations ,new tokens some blood and maybe some coins donated by each player or by the one/s that has the coins (( the planet belongs to the entire alliance not to a single player)) and 6 upgrades for the planet like the mk for fleets ,olso after buying the planet the alliance can build planetary defence editable by 6 players (( probably named admirals)) B) the planet can be attacked by 1 to 6 players ( 1,2 ore 3 players will probably not win even at mk1 planet ) this is a good thing because the attacker/s have to plan the invasion ,others have to backup the ones that attack the planetary defence so this will involve more players to play as part of something bigger than a pvp (( if you dont defeat the planetary defence you cannot attack individual bases )).After we need some new turrets for the individual bases ,something long range because now every base is **** ,a gargoyle mk1 can turn it to dust, at a base everything must be new teck .If the planet def is down the attackers receive at personal pick tokens ( ship repair,refit or build ,modul repair, refit or build ))The same reward is aplied to base victory but in smaller amount.The bases also need extra mines and + 5 levels of upgrade to all modules, there has to be a way that you can put the best of all ( weapon ,health ,shild ,specials) on base and modules so that a full mk elite fleet can be equal to the base and the player attaking could win if he is a good strategist, not if he has 12 levels superior fleet.
Next we need some marauder base defence,next the every ship build to 8 hours , every ship fleet repair to 4 hours ( because we dont build them again ,and if we fight others ,we buy coins even if its 20 minutes repair times ;)  ( be smart kix the more you ofer us the more we buy B)  ),and the uselles factions from T6 to vega starter should be made instant build ,refit,repair !( in this tipe of game everyone wants the best ships & upgrades ) so if the ship price go down to 2 or 3 euros or dolars /ship not only i will buy, every poor guy will buy .EX: ( i have a income of 350.000 euro's /month ,but that 10.99 euro's for on ship to buy and its most absolete its to expensive for me ) take my advice every 100 poor man or woman cand give you 1 euro on ship buy or upgrade ,but only 7 to 9 people will pay 10.99 for one (10.99 x 9 = 98.91 , 1 x 100 = 100  that makes you a 1,09 profit above that 7 to 9 people buying the 10.99 offer ) the more cheap you ofer the more people will buy ,1 in 100 wil buy 10 times for 10.99 ,but 100 will buy more then 10 times at 1 euro  ;),for new ideas just contact me you know the mail  ;)
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