First Glance of HTML5-CM GHILLIE

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OK guys-it loaded up fine. I see a few problems immediately. 
Chat not avail in Full Screen, yet.
Damage bars NOT seen on damaged ships, and just a white background around the fleet view in the dock
Screen resolutions looks great for much of the things in base.
Ships in base look Grainy-is this typical?
Weapons on Turrets detail is good.
Sounds IS NOT IN STEREO-it either comes out on right or left speaker, depending on what you click on.
When looking in Dock View of your avail ships to add to a fleet-there is no damage bar either red or green. No way to tell if they are damaged in the dock until you add them to the fleet and see minutes of repair added to the fleet.

On the Map
No ship travel lines.
Will send screen shots in for battle problems

A few to start with guys

Not sure if you guys will allow this-but can we use a post like this to post problems publicly so we can all weigh in on the issues???
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