opérateur de détonateur Survivors Gen-IV Infantry Concept idea

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Survivors-Mini-ICONOpérateur de DétonateurSurvivors-Mini-ICON


Gen-IV survivors Infantry

Survivors enhanced Detonator technology to next phase and instead of a group of detonators to attack -overwhelm the opponents with continuous generation of detonators with there operators which were remotely controlling their detonators
decided to Launch detonator operators on battle field

detonator operator spawn single detonator which can't be controlled and on fire at will as they spawn

Strapped with powerful explosives these remote controlled cars allow delivery of their cargo

while keeping the operator safe,

detonator operator rebuilt detonator on battle field and rebuild new one as old one get destroyed .


Damage type : Burst

Reload : 1 second when first detonator get destroyed

Clip : 1

Dam / per Shot : 500,000

Fire Rate : 1

Attack : Land Only

splash : yes can damage airborne with splash

Detonator Range : 50

Health of Detonator Operator  : 5,000,000

Health of Detonator : 500,000

Damage of Detonator : 500,000

Speed of Detonator Operator : 2.0

Speed of Detonator : 5.0


Mounted Explosive Payload :
Mounted with Explosives that inflicts Burst Damage ( BurstDamageType-ICON ) upon destruction.

Produces a Splash Radius of : 40

After Destruction, the Detonator must be Rebuild by detonator Operator in order to be reused again Live on Battle Field.


  • The Detonator is immune to the following Status Effects : Concussion-ICON  •  Shock-ICON

Upon the destruction of the last Building or enemy unit the undestroyed Detonators will return to the Detonator Operator .

The Detonator begin deploying upon the Detonator Operator spawning into a Base

The Detonator will detonate any Land Mines they pass over in route to their Targets

Detonator Operator : faction Trait active : 20% more damage on detonator explosion

Level-1 Talent : detonators spawn with Fire at will

Level-10 Talent : Detonator do 20% more damage

Level-20 Talent : Detonator Gets 50% more splash area of damage


Workshop Components

Detonator status effect Types :

PayLoad :

Shock payLoad shock near by buildings and vehicles in explosion

in area radius 10/20/30/40/50/60 splash for 3 seconds,

/ concussion  PayLoad : concussion to infantry and bunkers when explode

in area radius 10/20/30/40/50/60 splash for 3 seconds

Detonator Chassis :

Detonator Become more durable
-10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-50%/-60%  damage or less damage or damage reduction,

Light weight chassis :

Detonator Speed +10%/+20%/+30%/+40%/+50%/+60% increased

Detonator Training :

Stealth : detonator gets steath and unclocked if near 100/90/80/70/60/50 distance to enemies or

Detonator Training :

Shield : Detonator Gets shield which Reduces 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60% incoming damage on spawn

Detonator Operator do not have any weapons

but when Detonator Operators get damage .. Detonators it spawn attack on enemy unit/structure

if enemy is air Detonator works on fire at will to kill nearest buildings / units

when killed Detonator Operator spawn 6 detonators on death which can be controlled

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