defender class build tokens compared to conq build tokens

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I see that kix increased the conq build tokens to 99 while the defender class build tokens are stuck at 2. Why can't kix just go ahead and put all build tokens to 99 and be done with it?
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    When did this increase you claim kix has done happen? Could it be that you are just now noticing how it has always been?

    It has been this way since before the very first Bounty. 

    Some tokens have limits, sometimes it requires strategy to play within those limits. 
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
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    Kix is too worried about HTML5 to do anything but nerf the new UAV's
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