One more on the Silverstrike Turret

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So you agreed to change the minimum range a bit back. Yet are NOT going to fix the firing arc? One of the biggest complaints we have was the nerf of that stat. Why would you not increase that back to where it was? OR return the firing interval back where it originally was? This is the biggest complaints we ever have about what is done on this game. Seemingly ignoring what the players request or want. Sure we understand the damage reduction to a point, but why the other changes? They still make no sense. The turret is STILL not close to what it was originally sold as.
  • ScattergunScott
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    I would like a definition of "Overpowered"......

    Before the Nerf, mine {six} stopped ZERO Attacking Fleets.

    After the Nerf, they would not even do ANY Damage to Subjugators......

    I know the Kool-Aid Drinkers are going to  chime in "There is no such thing.", but NOTHING  has EVER more clearly demonstrated the Attacker Bias........
  • smartynwa
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    This whole issue is a bunch of crap.  Over powered, then buffed so bad I chose not to even get the turret.  Now, after the event is over, you "tweek" it again to make it somewhat better, but now I can't get it.  What a dumb stupid change.  Thanks so much for screwing us all over.
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