giving tokens is a "fix"?

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Put a price in bounty that has not been tested / worked out properly and then adjust the price to "more balanced" and only give some tokens as "thank you" is very cheap to me .. people have paid coins for this or have invested a lot of time to to get this prize ....
  • ScattergunScott
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    No, it is NOT!!!!!

    One Structure Build Token is an INSULT. Refund the 20,000 Points to those that got hosed.


    I would like a definition of "Overpowered"......

    Before the Nerf, mine {six} stopped ZERO Attacking Fleets.

    After the Nerf, they would not even do ANY Damage to Subjugators......

    I know the Kool-Aid Drinkers are going to  chime in "There is no such thing.", but NOTHING  has EVER more clearly demonstrated the Attacker Bias........
  • chris_g
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    some of us got it after that time due to work we still got done over the whole this is a joke 

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