looking for medium alli

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looking for over 40 actives alli. sitting round 500 medals. will follow rules weekly points. no hitting in sector. only thing is if a group comes in hitting in sector i will flatten them to shut them up. i am getting rusty with hitting as time goes on. after weekly points i hit for medals. 
  • Bobaganooch
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    saltydog name in gme

  • Smokin' Joe
    Smokin' Joe
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    NFTG is recruiting... no rules and we hit where we want when we want... small group...  we dont care about medals.. we take them then dump them in the sea... if you want to run with the devils shoot me a pm

  • Hawkstone 1
    Hawkstone 1
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    F4F in sect 89 have 1 space left interested 
    Minor Nuisance
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    KODE is an active group of 80 we always get bonuses.....no rules other then no insecting at home......message me if interested

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