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  • mauijewels
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    I fully agree that the targets are too time consuming.
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    I suspect that the top tier targets are set up the way they are, is because kix knows there is a large group of players who are prepared to coin repairs so rush the targets.

    However the A targets (80 and 82) only take about 4 minutes each to do for minimal damage. The 402 takes longer but can be done for minimal damage as well.
    I cannot talk about the other targets as I haven't hit any.

    I have been playing this game for a long while, and its very rare that any raid doesn't turn into a bore fest, lets face it if you have to hit the same targets using the same pathing for 3 or 4 hours a day for 6 days its gonna get a bit samey.
  • James Leon
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    Other than the lack of new prizes and making htis a play to get upgrades to use is hulls whose main purpose is over next month, the targets are way too long.The length of the targets has made me play the raid less due to not being abkle to sit through two targets taking so much time to sink.  I kind of think that  giving lower level players more land tiles and making their base hits take this long would take care of the problem of higher level people hitting them.
    ahava veshalom
  • Just Another Player
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    Hello Kixeye,
    Hope you all doing well,
    I just wanted to share my thoughts on this Raid:-
    This Raid Top Tier targets aka 130 and 132 are super Lengthy,if you want to do a target with decent driving and low repair,each target takes upto 7-10 minutes,which means each set can take 15-20 minutes which is quite lengthy.

    Kixeye has no idea how to balance things!!  Last cycle it was overwhelmed by extreme damage. This time it's extreme time consumption.  They have to learn to get a better feel for damage/points and time/points.  In general, their ratio of Damage Cost : Points Prizes : Overall Fun just isn't anywhere near what it used to be.  Chores are way too time consuming when you do the targets that give little or no damage.  Targets that give the most points only allow you to do a couple at the most before you have to fix your fleet.  That just completely removes the fun element from the game all together! 
    Kixeye, you need better people!!
    New Ship, figure out, refit, refit refit, turret, new base defense special / armor, new ship, figure out, refit, refit, refit.  REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.  That's Kixeye in a nutshell.
  • Martin5950
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    After having slogged away for almost 6 days and several refits, I finally reached my target of 56 mill only to find I need another six days to redeem all the upgrade kits. Please, please, please can we have a "Redeem All" button. Otherwise, give us some cream for the finger RSI.
  • dlaw001
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    I "liked" this raid - not so in the difficulty (only had the gifted Erad's and grinding the 40's for stuff all to get anything of VALUE wasn't worth it) was the fact that you (me) didn't feel like I had to grind said targets.

    Hoping next raid is similar, in the idea, only have the hull, special, and weapon then CATCH UP stuff
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