Base defense Fleets in wrong placements while getting hit
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can anyone tell me how players are doing this while hitting bases they are able to somehow change the placement of your fleet inside your own base, I got hit twice this way and luckily my base can hold its own and survive the hit with guards in the wrong places.

  • Alexa the BAE
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    I have seen it. I have had it happen to me. I was told to clear my cache.
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    it does this too me on reaver tide when i crash. no reason too put guard fleet by dock.  then u gotta hurry amd move it before u get hit or your screwed. i dunno if clearing cashe helps with that. think it's programed like that on reaver tide when u crash as a sick joke
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  • Laredo
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    This is normally caused by turning off the snap to grid option when placing the ships in the base planner.  It causes flash to see it as two or more ships trying to occupy the same area thus displacing all effected ships.
  • Declan 94
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    Laredo is correct in my experience. It seems to happen with the snap to grid option turned off, but mainly if you have a water building (dock, oilrig etc) too close to a guard hull

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