OG Beta Vega players alliance?

Minor Nuisance
Joined Jun 2013 Posts: 193
So, after being away from the game for like 4 years, I come back to a lot of WOW... 
I am also wondering if there is an alliance (before I make one) of players who have been playing since 2011-2013? 
Mostly just focused on building base back up to modern, I see that ICU is still around.. F those guys ;-) 
Sha Ka Ree 


  • vigorousmaniac
    Joined Oct 2019 Posts: 1

    Hey, I have played since Vega conflict was first released as a game no beta or anything Included. I just started an alliance for new and returning players to join for anyone who has questions or anything. Let me know if you are interested.

  • StoneDragon
    Joined Nov 2019 Posts: 2
    I'm new and also looking for an alliance to join. Not beta but not exactly new either. Either way, I started a new base for fun. 
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