9.46 Update Discussion (November Raid Week)

CM Chris
CM Chris
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Discuss the 9.46 Update Notes and the week of 11/11 in this thread!
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    Potential Threat
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    How do the Bring Your Own Boat targets in the next Raid work? Are the targets different depending upon fleet composition? If so, does that mean that every hull is viable in the next Raid?
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  • Angus_B
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    as it's not mentioned; will the raid start times be "rolling" as has been the normal for years
  • X1F3RGH0S7
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    Can you use Silverfishes for BEYOND THE BREACH TLC?
  • ThePirateGamer
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    another event with over powered targets a i bet 

  • Archangel_1
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    Once again Kixeye runs campaigns that have NO bearing on the Raid fleets for the Nov. Raid.   And we should think "Players first" is actually what they believe?  ROFL
  • Dazandren
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    edited 12 Nov 2019, 5:32PM
    will we have another shot at earning the houndmaster soon?

    really want that boat!  

  • jcjunior1984
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    Can we get the tlc and event post earlier in the day? This waiting til very last second stuff is old.

  • joey.penfold
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    edited 12 Nov 2019, 9:53PM
    thats kix 
  • trumpocalypse
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    Interesting change on LPM, with that said many people already spent time and money to build ships to support tech that was working good. Now you change it and want us to switch around, NOT COOL. Each time you did this, please release tokens for upgrades and refits to help with changes you have made.
    YET MORE KIXEYE FRAUD! Another prize that was won and turns out to be quite different after late changes. This would have changed tactics and prize selection in previous events. PLAYERS ARE DUE COMPENSATION FOR THIS (YET ANOTHER) BAIT AND SWITCH!
  • Serpents_Soul
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    ITS TUESDAY NIGHT! (USA) Where is the PRIZE LIST?????
    It's 4:20 somewhere!
  • XVIII-Luna
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    Can you use Silverfishes for BEYOND THE BREACH TLC?
    As with the last several times this TLC has been ran, yes you can.
    Started in 2011, sector 19.
  • Ms_Dizzy
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    I go by the trial and error system of raid evaluation--i do one target to test waters---if it isnt reasonable i try again the following month--a week of peace and fleet repairs.  the modifications to lowered mount at this late time is not acceptable nor the suggestion of an added fleet.  there should be a target even for lowest level players.  bottom tier needs shrek--beginners do not have old raid fleets and need a way to participate as do players who quit game and just came back since they are behind.  I will encourage those in my clan to catch up on repairs also.  
  • CptBlackEye-0
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    Please add the Distortion Launcher Turret to the raid prize list.
  • Merle Haynes
    Merle Haynes
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    My question is why is KIX penalizing the mid level plays by making the A targets have an extra, target to get the bonus.  It is the only group with three targets.  KIX, you are killing off the mid level players with this.
  • mike.scott.73307
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    Just what I was afraid of when they made 2 War Pegasus available.  I call total BS unless 2 of each CIC's works well and 4 of 1 would just be a little bit better.  I seriously doubt that will be the fact.  Hey Kix, we are in a two month cycle, remember.  Guess they don't want to finish the HTML5 conversion.
  • Campaign_Runner
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    I'd like more chances to earn the Glaive PAC.
    Didn't have the fleets to participate the first time, and didn't have much free time the second time.
    Could you please add them to prize list?
  • Sputnik001
    Incursion Leader
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    what is the time required to get X1???? and how many upgrade kits required?

    Guessing kit wise is about 80? 
  • Jim_BP
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    @CM Chris given the S targets "both designed to be tackled with a Legendary Pegasus and Flagship", will those of us who havent had time to build the war pegasus yet be able to compete? or are our standard pegasus fleets useless without the flag?
  • CptBlackEye-0
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    No Pegasus/War Pegasus build tokens in the raid? Seriously? Please add some.
  • Sputnik001
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    edited 13 Nov 2019, 4:42AM
    found result
  • Car 36
    Car 36
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    How many kits are required to get to X1 of the War Peg and Peg? And when are you going to add a location to view the number of kits you have beside the perpetually busy shipyard?
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  • James Leon
    James Leon
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    This is the first time I really think that the end of the game is near. Never I have I seen a raid put on with zero prizes to give. It is comical to open up the prize list and not see any new ship to play for. It is lazy that something could not be made to be released andif there was not, do not hold the raid and count it as part of the cycle and let people have a extra month  to build the ships and call it a merry christmas present. Makes me a we bit angry that I broke my do not spend on building ships rule when I purchased the deal  this morning to get  eight build days to finish the war peg  and then not have a need to play in this months raid. Next month if we see a new mega hull  as the raid prize we know it will just be a closing brick on the wall
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  • bounty808
    Joined Jun 2019 Posts: 8
    How come KIX won't let us newer (low level) players..play the raid ???  We don't have any of those ships... ?????  Im confused....
  • bounty808
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    And no FM during the raid to do ....what's up with THAT ...???   i can only hit so much cargo...before its ...work ...C'mon KIX  think about us wee ones and fi this/////

  • carol.roberts.988926
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    So to get S  you need 2x fleets yet another pledge by Kix broken 
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