Search Copter - Sentinal version of Stealth unit Detecting Unit (concept)

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sentinal Version of Stealth unit detecting unit

SearchCopter is Support Unit

Nothing can hide from the Search Copter

Stealth Tracking Equipments :

The SearchCopter is equipped with Stealth Tracking Equipments that reveals Stealthed Enemy Units within it's Range

advanced radio detection and ranging equipment RADAR with ultra-high-frequency

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equipped with Night vision cameras

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Advanced sound navigation and ranging SONAR technology

Image result for sonar image of city

to ensure stealthed enemies are revealed

Cloaked enemy Units will immediately be revealed upon entering the SearchCopter's Range.

Addition to that Search copter is equipped with 2 search Lights in front with 60 degree or 1 radian apart with 900 Range and radius 50

Max upgrading Levels 10

Size :125

speed : 6.0

Health :3,2,700,000

Damage per second  :1

splash : No

Range : 700

Revealed enemy Units CANNOT cloak while within the Searchcopter's Range and must escape from the search copter's Range to reapply their cloak status.

The Search Copter CANNOT detect Advanced Stealth Units

Currently, these Units are : Blackout Drone

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