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Need help

Joined Nov 2019 Posts: 1

The game makes colors if I select any thing

  • Peter6913
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 1

    I can't get the game to load can anyone help me please

  • beni ranjo
    beni ranjo
    Joined Apr 2020 Posts: 2

    I cant play war commander rogue assault. I just reach level 25, whn i receive info bout war zone. I follow the intruction. I got directed to war zone map. Then there is instruction "Tap to continue" i tapped it, but it wont worked. I got stuck and i cant return or leave the map. I tried to uninstaled and instaled it again and tried to play the game, but whn i already login, the instruction to click the map appears again and i got stuck again. Wht happen with the game. Why is this happen? Fix it

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