Feedback And Suggestions For T8 So Far

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T8 just had its second ship released, so i feel now is a good time to give some feedback on the experience so far.

First of all the grind is absolutely horrible. In t7 we only had to grind mk3 to mk5, and the RIs were completely optional. In t8 you have to grind mk2 to 6, AND have to have all the RIs to have a combat ready fleet. Its about 450 fleets for a fleet of elite t8 ships, not including any ris. The grind is just terrible now and what i suggest you do to fix it is to reduce the t8 ship mass modifiers, add mk2 boxes to stores, and increase elite frag drop rate to t7 like drops. The reason we need every ri in t8 is because an elite basically reduces all techs mass to nothing, i mean the operator gets -80% weapon mass! Thats 1400 mass for a level 4 weapon. Making the weapon mass -50% would make it where you dont need the ris, and having level 4 weapons would mean you have to sacrifice something else, like in t7. Which would have people put more thought into their builds instead of just max everything. The removal of mk2 boxes in event stores was a terrible desicion, because now we have to hit 5 more fleets for every ship we mk up. In t7 it was 270 fleets for a fleet of mk5s, in t8 its 450 fleets for a fleet of elites, because you need to grind mk2s AND you need elites. Add the mk2 boxes to event stores and it would be a much better time.

One thing that needs to be looked at is gating. Right now elite t8 can hit t7, which is terrible. Gating should work by tiers and mks. So basically an elite t8 fleet can only hit mk5 to elite t8 fleets.
Only the same tier can hit eachother, and with these mks
*mk1 and mk2
*mk3 and mk4
*mk5 and elite
If a single t8 ship is in a fleet of t7, a t8 fleet can hit them.
This is needed because right now you basically cannot do anything in terms of pvp unless you have a full elite fleet, and with the grinding i was talking about alot of people will probably just give up.

Make the fleets doable. I feel dreads ruined pve for everyone. Because lately dreads are needed to do fleets for reasonable damage. With skirmishers you needed an orator. Dreads should just make grinding easier, not make things only doable with dreads.

Let me know what you think.

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    I think that it was a waste of time for you to write this, since first of all, im not sure how many ppl will even reply to your post

    Second thing, this will never happen. The point of this game is to grind 24/7.
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