Satire post (State of the game)

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When returning players and Newbies try to fight new NPC Fleets.

    Potential Threat
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    Since Eve Online is not a direct competition to this game, I believe I can share my opinion on this one.

    I am an old EvE Online veteran, and I can tell you that those Abyssal dead space (Something like this would be very very fun in this game as well, but nah its more important to release rushed and not properly tested content) and trust me, dying in one of those in EvE is much more painful than loosing your entire fleet in this game. Reason is you need very powerful in-game ships to go somewhere where you never know what will you encounter so you can never be fully prepared, and if you get destroyed you actually loose a very very powerful and expensive ship, not to mention all the goodies you collected on your way through the site.

    But still they great fun to play, and great opportunity to think on-spot what to do next, knowing that if you do one wrong decision, it might be your last one :)
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