Remove limit to alliance members, Coalition, War and Alert.

Joined Jul 2018 Posts: 9

With more and more players join Vega, Alliances growing bigger, Coalitions also getting bigger, isn’t it time for Kyx to remove the limitation on those?

Alliance 75 members Limit. Coalition limited number. War and Alert limit.

It is obvious that limit will not prevent players to create [Allaince_name_1] [Allaince_name_2] [Allaince_name_3] and so on, also to create Coalition bigger than the limit set.

Also, please, change the Yellow color, from “Alert” status, to “Friendly” status, as most alliances use the Yellow to indicate a friendly alliance.

Alternatively, maybe create an Orange Status for “Alert” status, as for alliances that at war, but consider being dangerous.

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