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Captains, the 9.45 Update is deploying Tuesday, November 5th at ~7:00 PM PDT. This update includes support for the November Pillage and the Feast or Famine TLC!

Please discuss everything for this Update in the 9.45 UPDATE DISCUSSION THREAD. 


Begins: Wednesday, November 6th @ 3PM PDT

Ends: Sunday, November 10th @ 3PM PDT

Pillage is a special activity that allows you to get caught up on existing tech and test your skills on a variety of targets. 

This Pillage features new Garrison and Skirmish targets, and it is the first opportunity to earn the new heavily-armored flagship - the War Pegasus.  

Expect the full briefing by end of day November 5th. 


Begins: Wednesday, November 6th @ 3:00PM PDT

Ends: Wednesday, November 13th @ 3:00PM PDT

The Suppressor is a precise tactical instrument, a scalpel against the growing infection of the Scourge. Take this opportunity to earn the Suppressor hull and kits. 

  • [Prize Pack 1] Reaver Scout Engine; 1 x Medium Suppressor VXP Token

  • [Prize Pack 2] Suppressor Blueprint; 2 x Medium Suppressor VXP Token 

  • [Prize Pack 3 - 4x mastery runs] 25 x Suppressor Upgrade Kits; 1 x Suppressor Upgrade Tokens (12 Hr); 2 x Medium Suppressor VXP Token

  • [Target] Fixed point payout in 137 target for FM so correct points are allocated for partially and fully-destroyed targets. 

  • [Hulls] Fixed a bug where in some instances survival benefits were being applied to Conquerors despite the defence handicap.

  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements


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    Hi all, we're aware that the FM started a bit early (shakes fist at daylight savings time). Fortunately no targets started spawning so no points have to be reset. We pushed the FM start to 15:00 PST as intended. 

    Additionally, Surgical Strike Warheads was removed from Pillage temporarily due to an asset conflict, it will be added back in when fixed.
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