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Welcome to War Commander Community Support! This sub-forum is here as a tool to get assistance from other players with commonly asked questions and issues. You can also post ticket numbers you have received from Kixeye Support that you feel require additional assistance on.

General guidelines for Community Support

- Please use a descriptive thread title. ("WTF" is an example of a poorly worded thread title.)
- Please be civil. We are all gamers, and as such know the frustrations that come with in-game issues.
- Please be as descriptive as possible. Providing enough information can only assist in getting the help you need more quickly.
- Moderators are not KIXEYE employees. They can assist in bringing KIXEYE's attention to certain issues, but they have no ability to review Support tickets or take action on anything in the game.

Please avoid the following when creating or responding to posts in Community Support:

- Do not copy and paste Kixeye Support e-mails here. This correspondence is between KIXEYE and yourself.
- Do not accuse any player of cheating/hacking/exploiting here. That needs to be kept to KIXEYE Support through tickets.
- Do not ask or discuss bans/suspensions here. That is between KIXEYE Support and yourself.
- Do not request review of tickets before KIXEYE Support has had an opportunity to respond.
- Do not discuss CS actions taken (i.e "KIXEYE sent me 100 gold" or "KIXEYE banned my friend")

KIXEYE Support can be reached by:

Use the SUPPORT button at the top of the screen.

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