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In order to maintain an orderly and efficient Alliance recruitment page, the following rules are now in place:

1) Do not spam your threads or posts. No more than one bump every three days, unless your message is still on the 1st page. If it is, do not bump it further.

2) One thread per Alliance.

3) Do not post your Alliance info in anyone else's Alliance recruitment thread.

4) Do not have multiple members posting recruitment.

5) Accusations of cheating, intolerance, racism, sexism, religious persecution or any other harassment is not allowed. 

6) This is the place where you are able to recruit for your alliance. Alliance videos, pvp videos and the like belong in Strategy Discussion. This forum section is for Alliance recruitment and organization.

As usual, any thread or post that violates forum rules will be be dealt with by Kixeye or the Moderators. If you have any questions or see any thread/post that violates these or any other forum rules, please send a private message to one of the Moderators.

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