Killing time - still

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I don't "play" WC anymore, I log on and kill time. PVP is dead. The game is broken and has been for a long time in many different ways. Kixeye even managed to screw up my account so I couldn't coin if I wanted to. Attack log broken for the last two weeks, no medals payout- repairs stop when you log off, units just start darting all over getting killed. Yea Yea- clear cache, delete cookies yada yada yada. New windows install, same things on Linux, the "broke" 'aint on this end! Lol! Like I said, I kill time. I feel for the coiners that buy something pay for repairs and they get no product for the money!! 

And now- ZOMBIES!! Lol!
Yada yada yada
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    I do not have any of these problems, not sure why you do

    but, ty for sharing such a heart wrenching saga
  • Bill Jackson
    Bill Jackson
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    It's cause WC is still a pitiful flash game. It will never be anything great unless they use executable files and downloads. 
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