now that you "fixed" the 901

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now that the "exploit" is fixed can you please do something useful and fix the prize window.  it ridiculous that it constantly jumps to the top when viewing prizes.  you can fix something that gives players an advantage but you can't fix a stupid prize window so we can actually look at the prizes without having to scroll down 15 times to see what is there and what we may need.
  • Marius Kain
    Marius Kain
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    Yes, The Prize window that was used this Raid is Horrible, Have Tabs, or Categories, or seperations or something. This format frankly .... Sux. Sorry to be crude but it does.
    We have WAR, We have Aggression, Let us do it with Pride and Honor Without disgracing our parents by showing how badly they raised their kids. That's all it is, Poor Parenting and lousy attitude.
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    They are currently working on html 5, so if you will excuse them driving away all their current players that'd be great.
  • Sputnik001
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    So did Kix ever prove video of this exploit actually being done??

    I know that if we have an issue, they require video proof otherwise it is just heresay......
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