Pirates, based on feedback, we've decreased the damage in the 901 co-op target to make it more

Marius Kain
Marius Kain
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Pirates, based on feedback, we've decreased the damage in the 901 co-op target to make it more accessible and enjoyable. Team up, and good luck!

WOW, I did not see any decreased Damage in the 901. SO its time to live up to what you say.

We have WAR, We have Aggression, Let us do it with Pride and Honor Without disgracing our parents by showing how badly they raised their kids. That's all it is, Poor Parenting and lousy attitude.
  • User_resU
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    Heck, maybe they did... just based the "decrease" on the whales wallet standards. Not the average day to day players such as ourselves. :-)
  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin
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    so it takes 3 minutes to die now instead of 1.5 lmao pfff

  • wombat123
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    after they put the FIX in on 901's - I hit a 901 - got one side killed off went at it until fleet died . at end of battle NO POINTS AWARDED !! tried again a bit later = same thing NO POINTS AWARDED . So basically they are outright lying to us and EXPLOITING  the players they claim were EXPLOITING the game . NO COIN HERE FOR YOU KIXEYE …. no points and fleet dead twice and you expect us to coin for that ? NO MORE COIN FROM ME FOR THIS CRAP....
  • Pirate.Pete
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    According to "Customer Service" you have to destroy the 901 target to get ANY points.   Utter b.s.   Like the previous post, I too killed off around 50% of a target, lost my fleet and zero points, yet others who have completed somewhere over 50% but less than 100% of the target have received some points, as pitiful an amount as that may be.   CS outright lies about this matter.   50% + of a target destroyed, plus nearly 7 hours of repair to a fleet = zero points is nothing less than a disgusting rip off.
  • dave55robinson
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    decreased ? my fleet was dead in same spot of target , decreased should mean i went a little further before dying .
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