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Captains, the 9.43 Update is deploying Tuesday, October 22th at ~8:00 PM PDT. This update includes support for Bounty 25, as well as a brand new campaign!

Please discuss everything for this Update in the 9.43 UPDATE DISCUSSION THREAD. 


Begins: Wednesday, October 23rd @ 3PM PDT
Store Opens: Thursday, October 24th @ 3PM PDT
Ends: Monday, October 28th @ 3PM PDT
Leaderboard Payout: Tuesday, October 29th

Bounty is the premier PvP event in Battle Pirates. Smash other players to steal their Bounty while protecting yours at all costs! Spend your Bounty in the Bounty Store on powerful prizes 24 hours after the event has begun. 

Bounty 25 includes: 

  • FREE Breacher fleet!

  • Two new Conqueror specials

    • Desolation Warheads

    • Obliteration Launcher System

  • Four new skins for the Houndmaster (leaderboard prizes!) 

  • New Mega Hull content

    • Ultracapacitor Railgun Module

    • Giant’s Bane Launcher Module

    • Twin Cobra Scattergun Module

  • New PvE Content

    • Glaive PAC

      • Overpowered weapon for the Dragoon, limit of 1 per ship

  • Bounty Replica Bases (Blitz)

  • Kixeye Employee Replica Bases

  • King of the Nexus

  • Shipwrecks, beginning on day 2


Begins: Wednesday, October 23rd @ 3PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday, October 30th @ 3PM PDT

Battle against Assault targets by utilizing the Saturn, and pick up powerful Pegasus limited blueprints, upgrade kits, and build tokens. Pegasus was the son of Poseidon, after all (don’t ask how a man is a horse’s dad).

  • [Prize Pack 1] Razor Plume Missile; Medium Pegasus VXP Token x1; 1d Pegasus Build Token x1; Pegasus Upgrade Kit x20

  • [Prize Pack 2] Surgical Strike Warheads x5; Medium Pegasus VXP Token x1; 1d Pegasus Build Token x1; Pegasus Upgrade Kit x20

  • [Prize Pack 3] Pegasus; Missile Defense III x4; Medium Pegasus VXP Token x2; 1d Pegasus Build Token x1; Pegasus Upgrade Kit x40

  • [Mastery Pack x5] Pegasus Upgrade Kit x60; Rapid Roller Bearing x1; 12h Pegasus Build Token x1; 12h Pegasus Upgrade Token x1; Medium Pegasus VXP Token x2

  • [Ships] Breacher limit increased to 10

  • [Facebook] Facebook Friends bar below the game is being disabled as part of the HTML5 port

  • [World Map] Improved despawn of stagnant targets once spawner itself has expired. Event targets should no longer linger long after an event has finished.

  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements


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