Generation IV Infantry concept for Corpus- Transhuman AI - Cy guard

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corpus technology advancement in AI completly replaced human components from human soldiers except brain and nervous system
so little humanity left but control is still in brain

AI take human form controlling machines

leap through the human body to take humanoid shape

only nervous system is remained in the name of transhumanism

so control is still in human hand

Image result for transhuman soldier

cy guard is a cybernetic infantry soldiers

speed : 4

move and shoot

Target both air and Land

shoots homing plasma balls

Health : 5,000,000

Damage DPS : 1,000,000

Range : 550

charge Time : 3 seconds

Fire rate : 1

splash : yes

damage type :Plasma and Burst

Repair Time : 1 hour 30 minutes

Space : 500

Build Limit : 1/2/3/4/5 according to level of Barrack .

Level-25 barrack production limit : 1
Level-26 barrack production limit : 2
Level-27 barrack production limit : 3
Level-28 barrack production limit : 4
Level-29 barrack production limit : 5

slow rate of fire

Level - 1 Talent  - can transfer 50% damage to 1 enemy GEN-I Vehicle near by

Level - 10 Talent - can transfer 50% damage to 1 enemy GEN-II vehicle near by

Level - 20 Talent - can transfer 50% damage to 1 enemy GEN-III vehicle near by

low armor value 
near by enemy vehicles can help in sustainability 
health is lower than survivar counter part

work shop component : 

armor : 20% less area damage ,20% less burst damage, additional 20% less damage from vehicles/ 20% damage reduction from all
training : lure enemy vehicles towards itself in 800 range  / range reduction of enemy vehicles by 50%
weapons : clip size +1  / 40% less charge time and reload time

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