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Matthew Flores
Matthew Flores
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Heya guys, I'm just getting back into vega conflict and I've completed all the campaigns to boost my blueprints and fleets. I don't have anything above what I received from the campaigns and I'm not sure what to start off with going after first. Any advice and/or builds would be appreciated!

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    + buy the harvester if you can when it is on offer (cca once a month)
    + buy a daemon battleship if you can
    + build your bridge, shipfactory and fleet bay to max ASAP
    + join a farmer alliance for peaceful building and collecting stuff while you catch up in tech
    + use the storm driver in base turrets that you got from campaigns
    + weekly do the token riots and use upgrade tokens
    + collect all the blood amber you can and spend on module upgrade tokens

    - buy anything that has Oni or Retro in its name
    - buy low tech ships (not altairian/umbra/pharma), not even all the tier 7 stuff is worth money

    - at the end of 6x base lvl you gonna get tasty for modern baser ships, fasten seatbelts
    - altairian/umbra/pharma hulls are buildable only with top level shipyard with not worthy noting exceptions, hence whatever high tech hull blueprints you gather, you will not be able to build till shipyard not maxed (but you can refit bought ships)
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    First thing first, you want to use the punisher fleet to get to building tier 7, then tier 8 hulls.

    Use 3 Hellfires on position 1-3 and dominion at 6. this fleet will handle elite vega when you use hellfire to kill the cruiser and the carrier will take care of the rest. use the 6 punishers to carry cargo....build a second punisher fleet for more cargo.

    Second you want to build ship factory 13 asap. Factory 13 is the key to be able to build tier 7 ships.

    1) build and upgrade all storage and silo to 11.
    2) upgrade bridge 7
    3) upgrade factory 12
    4) upgrade all storage and silo to 12
    5) upgrade bridge 8
    6) upgrade factory 13

    Third you want to max your shipyard to 16 too so that you can have 6 BIG ships in a fleet.
    1) upgrade shipyard 15
    2) upgrade shipyard 16

    Now you need to know that if you are grinding hard, you will get step 2 done in 2 months, as every upgrade in factory and bridge is 9-10 days. in the  two months, you need to farm the few targets in events and sectors.

    *Javalin is nice to have but quite useless until you put a DS-1L(3 sector wormhole) in it. Harvestor is better than javalin and it serves as a 100 million  mobile resource gatherer.

    Tier 6 moving to 6.5 AXIS and Xeno division briefting
    1) Now you need to prepare to get Paladin carrier so that you are moving to tier 6.5 Xeno. Join alien strike and try to get 6 hunter swamp 3 on Wednesdays, and Exophase Field ! or II on Mondays. you should get the golden

    *Do not care for the punishers as they are quite useless most of the time. The problem is their cannon is very underpowered! Carrier swamps are far more effective. For me to be effective you need to suffer less than 30 minutes repair.

    What to use punihsers;
    1, xeno output strike
    2, Altairian Hobiler 70 and 75, maximum Altairian Armati.

    paladin (gold prize boxes in events), 6 hunter swamp 3, harmonic thrusters 3(gold prize boxes in events), enal armor 2 and Field !.
    Build 1 paladin and your live is better.

    Next you need to build 6 enforcer (gold prize boxes) with 7 elicpse driver 1 (gold prize box), xeno thruster 3, telonite armor 3, metaphase shield 3.
    This fleet will be used to kite a lot of targets. (of cause paladin and 5 enforcer are great combo.

    Umbra Miscreant 90 Farming with AXIS Tech

    moving to Tier 7 briefing (after factory 13)
    First thing is you need to have specific weapon/special and defense for each ship but i have a simple list for you to fit them

    special armor is called resonant armor which increases shield, and special defense is called shell.

    Bastion, echo cannon or glance cannon, resonant armor, spectral shell.
    paragon, sai missile or eclipse driver, resonant armor, shockwave shell.
    inquisitor, lance driver or eclipse driver, resonant armor, defector shell. 
    Sovernign, cyclotron beam or drones,  resonant armor, defector shell. 

    Special armor is thonian armor, special defense is ablative armor. This armor suck derrick from other ships and replenish its armor.

    ogre, nova missiles, thonian armor, ablative armor.
    wraith, nova cannon,  thonian armor, ablative armor.
    manticore, havoc cannon, thonian armor, ablative armor.
    medusa, half nova missile half atomic driver, thonian armor, ablative armor.
    gargoyle, hammer missile and cyclotron beam with drones, thonian armor, ablative armor.

    Pharmakon has just changed their rules to phase v2.0 so you need lots of screen or the juice to keep one phase (protected from states) and firepower. Phase 2 in fact make 1 pharmakon weak except for sagfault dreadnought. now you cannot use 1 daemon, you need 5-6 daemon for the extra firepower so that you blow the enemy out of the skies before it can damage you badly.
    special armor is node armor, special defense is screen.

    Trojan, glance cannon, node armor, spectra screen.
    Daemon, binary missile, node armor, shockwave screen.
    inhibitor, glance cannon, node armor, spectra screen.
    Plexus, cyclotron beam/koan driver with drone, node armor, spectra screen.

    rules of building tier 7
    1, build cruisers first whether Trojan, bastion or wraith are good. Ogre is also a good first choice.
    2, Always build at least 6 to form a fleet.
    3, build one faction first like 6 bastion follow by 1 sovereign. then next fraction etc.
    4, strong fraction is now umbra, altairian last is pharmakon due to phase 2.0.

    Some notes
    Bastion is very good with all Xeno division targets even harvesters, follow by ogre.
    bastion very good against lower pharmakon targets too.
    Ogre very good against umbra/altairian and pharmakon targets.
    6 trojan can take onyx 94 for valrayvn target (tier8)

    In conclusion, its a painful journey to ship factory 13 and from then on, its going to be painful for ship builds in 7 days too. and on the third month with 1 fleet you are going to celebrate rebirth from tier 6 to 7!

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