Careful with the information you give out!

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You state 13.5 million Zombies killed sounds inmpressive, but....

If I kill 30 Zombies a base and need say 20 bases and I've done that 3 times that is 1,800 Zombies I've killed.
Divide 13.5 million by 1,800 and you get only 7,500 people playing this event.

Where has everyone gone?  Kixeye think about what you're doing.
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    some people have gone past 20 bases and/or don't even participate in pvp

  • joe.futch.921
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    begening of event ..maybe 20 bases pvp ,.ive killed 30 and still hasnt moved ,,kixeye looking for gold !! not me sorry !!
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    there are many players that do not PVP ... many do not

    what is so cool about math, and even science, is that, depending on where you get the data, or how you get the data, results will vary
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    I know I hit one base during the event

    Its 200k xp......that simply wasn't worth the time or effort

    I can so a full rotation with instant repair damage in about 1h45m

    Why bother looking around for bases to hit..... the "4th track" has never been worth the time

  • Dylan Bain
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    hahahahahaha 4th track easy worked it 1st so could have units for faction and main track

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    More accurate to saw 7500 players flat this event, as that doesn't account for players who played the event but didn't have their bases cleared and didnt go after other players.

    More than likely it was a time based system and they planned to gift is the prizes regardless.

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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    Only tried about 10 bases but then I switched to focus on the other tracks and I did fine, the info is very not well kept

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    i didnt even bother doing the zombie part more than 1 time so..
  • SnowStrike32
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    Well I only finished the track once, maybe hit 15-20 bases total, so yeah, I really didn't do as much as you're assuming with your math. 

    Good point, but remerge the human factor, which of course buggers everything up
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