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I wanted to give you a head's up that I'll be away for a couple short stints in October and November. Please find my away dates below. 
  • Oct 12-27 
  • Nov 6-20 (approximate)

While I'm gone, CM Chris has stepped up to take over my duties. (Thanks, Chris!) As he likely won't have quite as much capacity for the day-to-day forum and discord questions that tend to come up, please rely on the moderators and help one another as much as possible. I appreciate your patience, and I hope you make CM Chris welcome. 

No, I am not quitting. You haven't scared me off, and you bet your pirate boots I'll miss everyone. You have all been so supportive, welcoming and helpful, and I am looking forward to coming back soon. 


CM Ghillie

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    Ghillie will be out a few more days after the 20th. All is well, and I'll continue to be covering for BP until she's back in action.
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