Downtime & Release Notes (9/25/19)

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With Tier 8 comes new ships, new defenses, and new weapons. First up is the Umbra Valrayvn hull, which takes one day to build and two hours to repair (Tier 7 tech will not increase the repair time). 


One notable difference in Tier 8 is how defenses and armors are released.

  • With the first Tier 8 hull for each faction, Defenses for that Faction will be released at the same time.

  • With the second Tier 8 hull for each Faction, Neutral Armors for that Faction will be released.

  • With the third Tier 8 hull for each Faction, Elemental Armors for that Faction will be released.

Tier 8 Hulls will be available as Blueprint Pieces as Loot Drops. For the COLLUSION event (with potential for an extension in a few future events), Blueprint Pieces for the Valrayvn will also be available through the Prize Store. Please be aware: NPC targets which award the first three Tier 8 hulls can be taken down with Tier 7 Mk5 Fleets, however, it is highly advisable to use Tier 8 ships to earn subsequent Tier 8 hulls. Similar to Tier 7’s Feature Events, a Weapon will be released alongside the hull. Upgrades will change slightly:

  • Feature Event: Hull Release

  • Mobilization: MkII-IV Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops

  • Decimation: MKV-VI Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops

No Cores, Parts, or Armaments will be needed to craft the upgrade - only Patterns, Mineral Ore, and Time.

[Collateral] COLLATERAL begins October 3rd, launching into Tier 8 with the Umbra Valrayvn, Ablative Carapace, and Explosive Nova Driver. Pyro Zealots I-IV will be available for your Altairian Orators! Earn a top Leaderboard rank by attacking Umbra Onyx targets to earn Shockwave Thonian Armor IV RIs and/or Blood Amber.

[Mobilization] Earn Valrayvn MKII-IV Upgrade Materials in October’s Mobilization, but if the Valrayvn was missed, don’t miss a second opportunity to grab it! 

[Decimation] Earn Upgrade Materials, including MKV-VI Valrayvn Patterns. The Wormhole Drive DS-1 makes its first appearance, don’t miss a chance to win it!

[Alliance War] In this month’s Alliance War comes another chance to win the Pariah Battlecruiser, materials to upgrade it, and the Void Havoc Cannon.

[Hull] The Valrayvn is an extremely fast, extremely powerful hull that utilizes it’s long-range to take enemies down. Kick the Valrayvn into overdrive upon enemies being destroyed within its firing arc, giving it a massive +55% Strafe Speed and +25% Rotation Speed bonus to rapidly reposition itself to take down the next target. It’s passive overdrive, Bloodthirst, deals stacks of damage upon dealing 1,150 damage at MK5.

[Tech] Ablative Carapace is the next generation of Ablative Technology, providing up to 12,040 Health, a 35:175 Damage Threshold to Ablative Recovery ratio, and 10% Devour Recovery. Craft the Blight Version for additional Ablative Recovery.

[Tech] The Nova Driver is an explosive masterpiece, topping out at 1,000 DPS, 2,300m/s Speed, and 2,800-8,000m range. Projectiles detonate with 300m AoE, leaving in a starburst pattern in their wake. Convert them to Blight, Plasma, or Xeno using Elements and level 3 Nova Driver RIs

[Tech] Ship Skins change the look of Tier 8 ships, giving them a brand new paint job. These are one-time use credits planned for both Limited Time Offers and more widely available methods. 

[Tech] The Wormhole Drive DS-1 features a 3-sector jump, perfect for Deep Space, allowing for a quick escape or an unexpected attack.

  • 5 New Terminus Mine Upgrades

  • Void Nebula Added

  • Fixed various minor localization issues

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