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If we collect enough info in the thread then I might convert this into a guide post in the players guides subforum.

I stopped playing when the IronStar Frigates were released, I just built a 6-pack of them. My base was a good design to that day's measure, had Sico3 turrets, tachyon beams and kinetic turrets, with the best arrestors. This catched 95% of basers those times or they just barely made it alive.

I logged in, and in a hush did all the campaigns, suddenly gaining three new fleets, but I logged in a day late, hence not receiving the free fleet of bastions.

The first questions that arose in me and are still not clear for me after a week of playing the game again (nevertherless kept trying to ask around in chat):
- is there still a certain base lvl from which ANY huge size of fleet can attack a base without lvl restriction? If yes, what is it now? (when I stopped playing there was)
- what is the relevant base turret tech nowadays (not obsolete), a list of turrets that are not worthless equipping nowadays
- as it seems for 1-2 months I will not be able to build ships bound to ship factory 13 (alta, umbra, pharma) what should I spend my shipyard time on during this time? - not to be a total waste (hulls, weapons) -> in short what non umbra/alta/pharma hull and other stuff are worth building and grabbing for some months

Explanation: my ship factory is lvl 11 bridge lvl 6, hence both need 2 lvl upgrades, and also combat modules need to be upgraded, also last bridge will need more resource collector capacity upgrade, as now I am at the capacity just enough doing bridge 7. My combat modules are half 11 half 10, and 2 I started upgrading from 0 as it seems we gained 2 more combat modules by game updates on same bridge. Also I built 2 hangars to max at this bridge as earlyer this module was not existing. Just now got the info that I will need additional 2 ship factory levels to produce a/u/p carriers (sf-15), oh my oh my.

- also which carrier/base swarms are worthless nowadays, which ones are good, and accompanying question: I see specialist anti swarm hull came into the game but what about bases? What turrets are effective against swarms?
- I have seen that I am going to gain more mines, but I am still able to build only the old red terminus mines, bridge upgrades are going to unlock them? bridge 7 unlocks both extra types?
- Build/upgrade time focus: Go for max shipyard first or focus on new mines and combat modules first? Or whatever combat module/hangar/mine is in base newest pharma carrier levels it whatever...
- Is shield type mix still forbidden? (base structures have many shield slots, also there same shield type per structure in all slots?)
- I returned to playing the game as I heard kixeye was sold, and has a new owner. Also wanted to know what is to be expected as a consequence to the game. Kixeye is an autonomous entity for new owner, he lets them continue as they have done it till the day of purchase, or are there plans affecting current operations, like striking some games, investing more money in them, expecting more revenue from them, trying to bring them to wider user base, new platforms, making big developments, or just doing the gatekeeper thing. I am totally cut from recent chitchat affecting all these, that I knew all about when I stopped playing, so all feedback on also this is welcome.

Noticed big changes in base:
+200%terminus mines count
+ new module hangar (2/4/6)
+ additional 2 combat modules
+ new old module levels (this was to be expected)
+ ship factory was transformed into a real defensive structure with lots of swarm, shields and armor slots, now on par with fleet bay, hence requiring relocation, as I have placed it outside to let it be destroyed first earlyer, but now it seems worthy putting close to base core from periphery

Noticed changes in tech tree/ship tech:
- rings bells that sound like battle pirates, but maybe a tad not that bad, just a tad

Kix like the snake in paradise continously tries to tempt me with something to spend on, after that much time I am not sure what is worth it, and what is not, just some examples:
- commanders
- xeno single ships
- xeno fleets (mk1/2/elite)
- single umbra/pharma/alta ships (mk1)
- upgrade packs to these
- harvester w jump drive
These are usually the cheaper packs, I  never considered the expensive packs that include resource storage or bridge upgrades, but feedback for other returners is welcome.

Some seem really cheap and useful relatively, and happy to see these bonus offers, while IT IS TOTALLY ANNOYING that sometimes suddenly you get a full screen offer that you have to close to continue playing. That part of the offers is pushy/intrusive to a very high degree, making me pretty uncomfortable. It was not that bad when I stopped playing. Now it feels like a Teleshop App selling scifi digital goods.

(Kix magic worked on me, and lived with some offers, will include in the player guide how I feel about them after some time has gone)

I stopped playing at the great rebalance because I did not want to recalculate my ships that were measured to the gram as I wanted them to be. I simply did not feel to have enough energy then to refit those fleets. Today, those are 100% obsolete so that part is solved.

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    ok, so, to start ill tell you that base lvl restriction never disappears, if the base its 60, it can only be attacked by same lvl or the ones who are close (for example 63); about the turrets, arrestors are still good, but as what i saw sai missile (EDIT) or eclipse driver (and xeno variant) are the most used and anti-swarm turrets doesnt exist, mixing shields its still impossible, but exophase gives resist to same than metaphase but adds xeno. you should build AXIS battleships with eclipse drivers; dont go for max shipyard, if you reached lvl 60, on umbra alert (defense option of weekend event) pharmakon fleets will totally destroy your base if you dont have enough xeno dps (pharma are weak to this one). Kix will never stop with offers, its a part of the game, but lately i feel like it is more free-user friendly, unlike previous versions of the game; but you can get all those things (except oni and retro skins) on events, just have some patience. well... idk if i covered every question or the info was real good, but i hope this helps you and other players progress
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    Extension1 regarding offers:
    - Bonus offer bundle ships (paid for ships) can be mkupgraded with paid for mkupgrades. Crafted upgrade kits do not work on them.
    - these are not personalized offers hence it is not guaranteed they do work for you (if you buy a heavyer ship than your fleet bay allows to launch, then you will have a ship that you cannot launch: if weight can be close to your fleet bay limit, check out exact weight in vegashipcalc as there is no way to see exact weight of prefit ships on the offer screen)

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    Don't bother trying to get back into the game, unless you're about to drop thousands of dollars on the game. Long time player, VIP 8 and I grind a lot too but now its at the point unless you're gonna drop some serious cash, you will never catch up, especially the last two months trying to grind to upgrade ships. Top fleets get destroyed in pve targets to upgrade grinding is even worse than in previous years or again, drop serious coin to blitz targets. 
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