Support Tickets being Ignored

Marius Kain
Marius Kain
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My favorite subject now.  I send in a ticket to support, I get a Lame User working for Kix who sends me his Formated reply that says NOTHING about what I sent the ticket in for. MY support issues was NOT addressed and I get a email saying my ticket is expiring. YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED it yet how can it expire. I seem to be on a roll today. but I am discouraged with this game now. SO MUCH work, time and yes, even $$$ spent on this game, ALL lost to a group that cares NOTHING for the players. TOO bad we cannot SUE and get our money back. You (KIX and the new OWNERS TOO) have not lived up to your promises. You are in violation of your own WORD. We took you for your word and you ... Lied. 
We have WAR, We have Aggression, Let us do it with Pride and Honor Without disgracing our parents by showing how badly they raised their kids. That's all it is, Poor Parenting and lousy attitude.
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