I'm tired...

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I'm tired!!

At one time I truly enjoyed playing Battle pirates. I no longer enjoy playing. The weekly was something I looked forward to doing. It was the offer of the free ship tokens that kept me playing. Then about a month ago, You "Kix" shocked me with the 25 million per armor. I knew if i wanted to compete in the up coming raid. I would need the new armor. So I invested some sit time and grind out the points needed. I coined half of my Goon fleet. It wasnt anything to awful or painful. My Ironclaw was built with free tokens and tokens from TLC tier 8 tokens. I was truly excited to play this raid and see how my fleet would do with the latest tech and to my shock and horror. My fleet just melted away. I even submitted a ticket about to way my Gale IV werent working right. The reply I got back was I had to refit with Sprints. Yet, another reason to give up. You "Kix" just want me to continue coining without any pleasure on my side. Ive seen a few youtube videos and my build is the same as theirs. The only difference is the countermeasures. And yet my fleet just melts away like it wasnt even there. Im truly tired of all this misleading info.

This from the start seems like a bad relationship. You "Kix" from past management Said, Players first and were listening to the player base. That changed very quickly and with the sale of the company and new owners. Now it just seems you "Kix" just want me to coin till we cant anymore. Im tired...

I wont sit here and say Im quitting. because if and when I make that choice. I wont post it in the forums. Ill just delete my base and move on. 

Its truly shameful that I have the latest hull with the latest tech and im unable to really compete in this raid. But again, I see the upside to me not coining this raid. Plus, I have time now to do other things...
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    I think this raid damage is making many of us to feel the same way 
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    I agree with the Op.  I'm tired of it all too. :(
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    Sadly they don't seem to care as our new CM is turning into a combo of old CM Chris and WT combined, both of them being completely useless to the general player base (not the whales who don't care about $$$--ie see leaderboard for those with 100,000,000 plus points).  I've come to a point where coining less and slow building ships is the best option because they just don't care about the players, only thing Will Harbin and his cronies care about is the almighty dollars flowing into their bank accounts.   Weird how the Sprint is needed to shoot down the Peashooter UAV but yet it does ballistic damage when originally it did concussive damage in bases and other targets, odd how Kix just couldn't come up with a new turret entirely, I'm sure their developers or WT could have thought of something outrageously damaging to our fleets.  If anyone of the CMs actually cared about their product they'd maybe turn down the 122/120 damage but doubt that will happen, remember they need that $30 million to get their bonus Ferraris and rent paid in San Francisco.
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    OP more or less sums up how I and many others are feeling right now
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    I have to agree with everything the OP stated as I was the same worked real hard seat time to make sure I had the armour also went with mds3 an sprints I always look forward to raid as you always think yes am together I got this but this one just makes me sigh an say why did I believe them again I see a lot of peeps stating the same. The biggest disappointment in this more than anything else is knowing next raid will be the last chance with this fleet to get real points as the 3rd raid I can use this fleet I worked so hard on will only gain real low low points just like the fleet from the last raid in this raid. Kix stated that its ok you will be at least able to use fleet from last raid in the new raid but the damage is high an the points are low
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