Lag so bad the raid is unplayable !

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So I hit a 120 with Dragoons, lagged so bad they just sat and span in circles then jumped a few spaces and took major damage then died. OK I thought, many of the whales will be hitting these I'll go lower and hit with SiIverfish. MUCH THE SAME STORY !!! Fleet twisted and turned and killed a few targets the took huge damage. (from what I don't know because I was only getting about 1 FPS about every 5 -10 seconds  !!!! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE KIX !!!!
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    This is why Kixeye should have a more lower graphics settings
    You can turn off clouds and stuff in options, but that doesn't help enough.
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    Honestly, I've been hitting 60s today, I don't know about any other targets, but most complaints this raid in Forum seems to be about excessive damage in the targets.

    Lag can be caused by many things, we don't have those stupid walls rising like in previous Siege raids so....

    Here's what Wiki has to say about lag:
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