This Raid is Insane!

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Hey Kix,  This raid is redicules with the damage.  I for one will not be playing it this time.  Sorry.
  • J.C.Hink
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    full fleet ranked but not lvled got smoked before i got half way thru a 122
  • Ironside--KD
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    It's redicules
  • stuzl873213
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    Working as intended. Try clearing cache, reboot PC and max out credit card :)

  • jim.watson.5245
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    Wouldn't Kixeye just love that .... I thought if you were "born yesterday" you were too young to play.
  • mark.matthews.94
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    Yep - full fleet of dragoons here as well - fully armored, ranked, all the bells and whistles - couldn't complete a 120 last night before dying. this morning, the damage had been dialed down, however, it wasn't enough to be able to complete a 120 and a 122 together without repair - even with very careful driving and timing. 

    Thanks for freeing up my weekend Kix - 
  • rip wildman
    rip wildman
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    New leaders new owner same old s++t after 8 yrs I quit
  • James5446
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    remember when the first raid in the cycle was adjusted for the old fleets to handle? It used to be that if you coined the new fleet you could auto the top targets for free. now you can't use old fleets and the new fleets are terrible unless youre coining them through the raid too
  • nrubnus
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    I thought I'd just give the silverfish targets a try again and yeah that was a mistake. First off to kill all three targets to get the bonus, I'll be repairing both my suppressor, and my silverfish fleet due to the guaranteed damage both take and even when I complete the set and bonus, the points aren't worth it and as I've mentioned before, I'm not going to spend the next days of the raid grinding meager points (I've put my time in hell in years past) to be able to get maybe one of the top prizes (if I'm lucky). So, this will be the 2nd raid in a row that I'm opting out of and that's fine. If I don't get the latest and greatest of whatever these prizes are, then I'll probably start falling behind and that will lead to an eventual decision of just scrapping everything and leaving this game in the dust. 

    Honestly I have far more fun with Hearthstone and WOWarships and the only reason I stick around still is the friends I've made and this incessant fear that if I don't keep up, I'll fall behind and lose everything I've spent, worked for and all the time I've spent on this game over the past 8 years or so.. Well I need to get over that and just fall behind. I rarely have fun here anymore so I'm about done.
    This game is rapidly dying. 
  • KFJ_DK
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    Damage are going severely up.... 8 hours ago could I do 120+122 with my Dragoons....and 6 hours repair, now can I only do 1 x 122 and got 4:23 hrs repair.

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