No more free repair below 5 minutes.

Attica Vega
Attica Vega
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When was this disabled?

  • CM Dade Murphy
    CM Dade Murphy
    KIXEYE Community Manager
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    Hey there! We've seen similar reports, however we've been unable to trigger this on our end. Would it be possible to include additional information about this issue in a Customer Support Ticket? We'll be happy to take a closer look and investigate further!
  • Marticus65
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    All in all it's just another brick in the wall...
  • airdrop airdrop
    airdrop airdrop
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    I had the same problem but it's gone. I just closed the fleet menu and when I went back I had 5min free repair again.
  • koshnaranek
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    it seems to be a display problem. the repair time is not updated correctly when you change from one ship to another. If you choose the fleet again, the correct time will be displayed on the first ship
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