Don't make any content in Forsaken Mission time limited.

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Jobs and other real life events (example such as volunteers and people who have to take care of others with disabilities) may not allow players to redeem prizes in a limited time fashion during Forsaken Missions (FM).   Make all components (build tokens and/or others) available throughout the duration of the allotted FM times.  Also allow prizes to be redeemed within 1 hour after the FM ends (so players who are pushing for time can be active clean up to the FM end time for maximum points, especially with the high amount of points some items are now).
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    Is this complaint for yourself, or the player base?
    Not many people are complaining about 4 days to redeem some tokens.
    At your level, a few hours investment should see your tokens, at the very least redeemed.

    If I can hit 120-121s for not a lot of repair at my level, & knock off all of the tokens side in under an hour, why, at L120, can't you?

    Folks are aware of the time limits, if they want to beat them, they have to either A: invest the time, or B: get better fleets sorted out.

    If they're aiming to get the top prizes, & are time limited, there is a blitz option? They workers, they have the coin, unlike the retirees, or the disability types here.

    Bear in mind one of the tokens has a shorter expiry, but then, it's not exactly worth a lot of FM points by comparison.
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    Are people who volunteer or help the disabled more worthy of special consideration in this game than those that don't?    They are likely to contribute the least to the game in terms of playing time or coining (because they are volunteering rather accumulating money by working.)

    People who work long hours may have more money and be more likely to coin to make up for their lack of playing time.

    Some slothful may be independently wealthy; and may spend both more money and time on the game.

    Should the game cater to the virtuous, or to those who support the game the most?
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