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Need help to get back account

Dang Tang Minh
Dang Tang Minh
Joined Sep 2019 Posts: 1
Dear Sir/Madam

I have 2 accounts of War Commander - Rogue Assault, the first is at level 78 and the second is 13. I have the trouble of losing the level 78 account, please help.

Level 78 information:
Player Name: MrDang
Player ID: E8E4AA5AB22E57D8
subscribed email address: [email protected]

The problem is:
In the past, I used 2 devices to play 78 level account. In which, one is my iPhone 7+ using my Apple ID and my Game Center, the other is my wife iPad 5 using her Apple ID and Game Center.

A few weeks ago, I started a new account on my wife iPhone 6S, it has her Apple ID and Game Center but nothing wrong happen. This account reaches level 13 now with information as follows:
Player Name: TMD2
Player ID: 06D714B2D5C1F6C8

On 30/08/2019, I bought an iPad mini 3 for my wife, downloaded WCRA and started to play level 13 account on Ipad mini 3. When I started the game, a window opened and ask what account to choose permanently in these devices (level 78 and 13). I intented to use iPad mini 3 for level 13 account so I chose level 13 account.

After that, I used iPad 5 to play level 78 account but it appeared only level 13.
I reset iPad 5 (factory reset) and logged in by my Apple ID and Game Center, the game still appeared level 13. Then I opened WCRA in my iPhone 7+ and suddenly I also saw the account level 13.

I tried many ways to get back level 78 but all fails. My Game Center now shows only level 13.
I hard reset all my devices but can not solve the problem. When the game starts, there are no way to input my 78 level ID.

Please help.

Many thanks for your support.
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